Saturday, October 31, 2015

Excel General Ledger Part 1: Pivot

Populate your ledger as follows:

Date Account Description Amount

Select the 4 Columns and click Insert>Pivot Table>Ok

Look at the PivotTable Field list on the right

Click and drag the "Account" field to the row labels box.

Click and drag the "Amount" field to the values box.

Click and drag the "Date" to the columns field

It should look something like this:

Look at the pivot table and right click on one of the dates

Then click on group and OK.

Tata, the dates should now group by months


Whenever you update entries in the ledger, remember to update the pivot table as follows:

Select any cell on the pivot table, click on options

And click on refresh.

If you want to zoom into an account, just double click the numbers in the pivot table and it will show a breakdown of that account

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